How to Fix a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Disabled

Utilizing remote start is an invaluable feature, but it can become frustrating when your vehicle becomes incapacitated. Luckily, this problem is widespread and easily remedied by following some simple steps.

One common cause may be that your hood wasn’t shut securely enough, leading to an error message such as “remote start aborted hood ajar.” To solve the issue, open and close your hood.

How to Fix a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Disabled


An underperforming or dead battery can halt remote start systems instantly, as their voltage requirement for starting sequence is strict; if it cannot meet it, remote starts may shut off after mere seconds and become inoperable.

Problems with the hood sensor or switch can also contribute to this issue, which can be addressed by either adjusting the hood pin or completely replacing it.

Your engine could need oil or coolant; check that its levels are within their normal parameters before trying to remote start it. Wait at least 10 minutes for your engine to cool before revisiting these levels again.

How to Fix a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Disabled

Hood Ajar

If your hood is open, this can prevent remote start from functioning – an essential safety feature which prevents engine starting when working on under-hood repairs or modifications are taking place. To remedy this situation, open and close the hood several times until it closes completely – making sure your remote starts work as intended! To resolve this situation, ensure it closes completely between each attempt.

Replace the hood ajar switch located on the hood latch with one that requires no programming or wiring – it connects directly to C2 connector pin 10 and ground, with an inbuilt 1000 ohm resistor that simulates closed hood conditions.

Your Jeep remote start may also be disabled because it is in drive mode; to use it again, simply shift into park mode by switching off drive mode and set to park mode instead.

How to Fix a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Disabled

Door Latches

Jeep remote starts have become an essential feature in modern vehicles, providing many benefits for both owner and driver. Unfortunately, however, certain conditions must be met for this feature to operate; such as an unresponsive hood pin switch, low fob battery power levels, valet mode activation or defective keys being present – among other issues that could halt its function such as active hazards/check engine lights and active hazards/check engine lights.

Remote start can be disabled for safety purposes if the vehicle’s doors are opened; this prevents Carbon Monoxide poisoning and ensures the car does not start when opened. A similar occurrence might happen if a hood latch becomes defective and needs replacement or repair – something best left for an experienced mechanic to manage.

How to Fix a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Disabled

Transmission Solenoid

Transmission solenoids are an essential component in your vehicle, making any malfunction an urgent matter. A failed solenoid could lead to issues with gear shifting as well as rough acceleration or deceleration sensations when driving your car.

Your Jeep’s remote start feature may become disabled if the check engine light illuminates or engine codes prevent it from functioning as it should. To rectify this situation, make sure that both coolant and oil levels are within normal parameters and restore power as soon as possible.

If your engine code relates to computer issues, take your Jeep vehicle in for diagnosis and repair by a certified technician. They can reset your check engine light as well as address any potential problems which have prevented its remote start feature from functioning correctly.

Park Mode

Valet mode disables the remote start system as a safety measure to prevent anyone else from starting your car without your presence. To exit valet mode, press the looping arrow button on your key fob; upon doing so, your parking lights will flash to indicate that valet mode has been successfully disengaged.

As well as hood pin switches, battery issues, active hazard lights and key fob malfunctions may also disable your remote start system. If this issue continues, professional help should be sought to diagnose and resolve it; for instance they can conduct an inspection to check transmission solenoid condition before replacing as necessary and reprogram your remote starter if required – these services can usually be found either locally at auto repair shops or online.

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