Remote Start Disabled – How to Reset Your Jeep Remote Start

Frustration can arise when your Jeep remote start doesn’t function, which could be caused by various issues including dead batteries, valet mode, incorrect programming, defective hood pin switch or active hazard lights.

First, examine your coolant temperature and oil pressure levels. If they appear too high or low, add additional coolant or oil as necessary.

Remote Start Disabled - How to Reset Your Jeep Remote Start

Check the hood switch

Your remote start may shut off after only seconds for various reasons. One possibility is that your vehicle could be in valet mode; to switch it off press simultaneously the lock and trunk buttons on your key fob. Another is that the hood switch may have opened or disconnected; this safety feature helps prevent your engine from starting while it’s under maintenance; check its pin switch to make sure it can move freely without becoming rusted or loose.

Hood switches can also be activated by switching on your hazard lights. To prevent this from happening, always make sure the hazard lights are off before attempting a remote start; doing so serves as an important safety measure and protects other drivers as well. Furthermore, it is wise to regularly inspect coolant and oil levels as this will also protect other motorists.

Remote Start Disabled - How to Reset Your Jeep Remote Start

Check the key fob batteries

Key fob batteries typically last three to four years when changed regularly, although harsh cold weather conditions can impede their ability to transmit signal strength effectively, increasing battery failure. When one or both are low power or dead, it will produce an error message, including a “remote start disabled” error message.

Other possible reasons for remote start disabling include faulty hood sensors or switches, low fuel levels, active check engine lights or activated hazard/valet modes. Most often these conditions are straightforward to remedy but the error message may be confusing; below are some tips to quickly diagnose and address them and ensure this frustrating error doesn’t resurface: Make sure the hood pin is in its place and all doors are shut securely before calling an automotive professional for help.

Remote Start Disabled - How to Reset Your Jeep Remote Start

Check the transmission solenoid

If the transmission solenoid on your Jeep is broken, it will disable remote start and prevent communication between its computer system and remote start. As soon as this occurs, a check engine light (CEL) appears on your dashboard indicating its presence; to resolve this problem effectively visit a dealership to have your system reprogrammed.

Note that your remote starter may shut off if either the coolant temperature or oil pressure of your vehicle becomes excessively high or low, respectively. Allow your car to settle down for at least ten minutes before checking these levels – adding coolant or oil may help restore balance to these levels if necessary.

As it’s essential that your car starts safely, it is imperative that the hood remains closed or the key fob battery dies before trying to start your car. Doing this could cause the system to shut off as a safety measure, potentially leading to “remote start disabled system fault” errors.

Remote Start Disabled - How to Reset Your Jeep Remote Start

Check the computer system

Before driving your Jeep, it is essential to regularly inspect its computer system in order to identify if its functionality has been impaired by software or programming issues. If this occurs, professional help should be sought in order to rectify this situation.

Remote start may also be disabled if the car is set into valet mode – this feature can be activated by pressing multiple buttons on your key fob to put your car into valet mode and enable valet parking mode. In such an instance, in order to use remote start again you must disable valet mode first.

Once again, check the power supply of your Jeep battery. A weak or dead battery won’t produce enough voltage to enable remote start operations; sometimes rebooting can help; simply switch off and on the vehicle again and it should begin working again.

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