Reasons Your Remote Start May Have Disappeared

Your Jeep remote start may have become disabled for any of several reasons, including an improper hood sensor or switch, low fob battery or vehicle battery power levels, active hazard lights or incorrect programming.

Accidentally flipping the switch that deactivates it – typically located on the dashboard or fuse box – may also be enough to disable it.

Check the Key Fob Battery

There can be various reasons for why a remote start may become inoperable, yet most are easy to address without incurring significant expenses. From adjusting the hood pin and charging or replacing fob batteries to switching off hazard lights and checking engine lights – these simple fixes should get your Jeep’s remote start back online quickly!

Another common factor preventing remote starters from functioning properly is when vehicles are placed into drive or reverse mode, preventing remote starters from activating remotely while the car is moving. Simply place it into park to disable this setting and you should be able to use your remote starter again. Cold weather may also interfere with key fob batteries so be sure to replace them regularly; especially during winter when temperatures can fluctuate significantly.

Reasons Your Remote Start May Have Disappeared

Check the Solenoid

There may be several reasons for why your remote start may stop working, with one of the more likely being that your hazard lights are activated. Make sure they’re turned off before trying your remote start again.

Another factor which may cause remote start to fail is when coolant temperature or oil pressure are too high or low, in which case, allow your vehicle to sit idle for 10 minutes before checking again – adding coolant or oil until all levels return to normal if necessary.

There could also be an engine code preventing the remote start from functioning, which may be hard to diagnose without professional assistance from your dealership technician. Should this be the case, they may conduct a diagnostic test on your Jeep’s computer; as this may take a bit of time it would be beneficial to visit as soon as possible if possible – keeping in mind they may also need to reset some codes after performing this diagnostic.

Check the Door Locks

If your Jeep comes equipped with a remote start system, door locks must be either unlocked or closed in order for it to activate. If accidentally locking doors while using the remote start feature occurs, it will disable and stop working altogether. A dead key fob battery may also prevent remote start from functioning; as soon as this occurs, replace and position it correctly in the ignition for maximum effectiveness.

One of the easiest solutions for a disabled remote start is turning it on and off repeatedly; this method has been proven effective on various devices, providing an inexpensive means of resetting the system without needing professional services. Furthermore, if it appears due to low coolant temperature or oil pressure levels, adding more of these may help resolve it; otherwise it may require seeing a dealer for permanent solutions.

Reasons Your Remote Start May Have Disappeared

Check the Engine Light

One potential cause for remote start failure could be that your engine is on or in gear; once this occurs, the system will disable itself after only a few seconds if your car is either in Drive or Reverse mode – in this instance simply turn it off and retry remote start procedures.

Sometimes the computer system of a Jeep can cause its remote start to malfunction due to software issues or programming mistakes. If this is the case for you, seek professional mechanic advice as soon as possible so they can diagnose and address the problem.

One of the primary obstructions to remote starts is an open or unlatched hood. To ensure an uninterrupted start, ensure it is closed properly and check that its pin switch is undamaged or functioning as intended; an error message will be displayed if one does not. Rust inhibiting spray can help protect its pin from corrosion damage.

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