Jeep Compass Remote Start Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

Jeep Compass Remote Start Systems can be an incredible asset, yet when they don’t work as intended they can become very frustrating. A message may appear saying either “remote Start Disabled System Fault” or “remote Start Disabled Vehicle to Reset”.

Issues associated with remote batteries being dead, valet mode active, faulty hood pin switch functioning improperly and active hazard lights all may contribute to this situation. Luckily there are solutions that may help solve this issue.

Jeep Compass Remote Start Not Working? Here's How to Fix It

Check the battery

Lithium-ion batteries in key fobs can sometimes go bad over time and need replacing; you should be able to find suitable replacements at most auto parts stores or large retailers. After installing a new one, try starting your Jeep remotely again after replacing its battery.

Your Jeep might not remote start because it is in valet mode – this security measure prevents vehicles from starting when parked for safety purposes. To disable valet mode, insert your key into the ignition lock, press and release both trunk and lock together, cycle ignition two to three times, remove your key from ignition, get out and remove your keys before getting out of vehicle.

If the issue persists, check the transmission solenoid. It acts like an alert system for engine start up; if broken it will prevent remote starter from functioning correctly and may need replacing; provided that you possess all of the appropriate tools and skills.

Jeep Compass Remote Start Not Working? Here's How to Fix It

Check the key fob

If the remote start feature on your Jeep Compass isn’t functioning as it should, turning off and on its windows may help reset its computer system and restore functionality. This method has proven itself successful time after time with many devices that had stopped functioning correctly; so why shouldn’t it work in this instance as well?

If the key fob battery dies, vehicle remote start will stop working as planned. Therefore, it is crucial that this be checked regularly and replaced if necessary. In order to use remote start properly, all doors, hood, hazards and check engine lights must be closed with both hazards off.

Coolant and pressure levels must fall within acceptable parameters for remote start to operate correctly, and one quick way of checking these conditions is through a quick glance at the center infotainment system screen meter. If it shows “Remote Start Disabled System Fault” or “Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle to Reset“, there may be issues with computer programming within Jeep’s computer system that needs addressing.

Jeep Compass Remote Start Not Working? Here's How to Fix It

Check the vehicle’s battery

Utilizing your key fob remote start button to remotely start your Jeep Compass engine will activate front and rear defrost systems as well as driver vented seat feature if configured in Uconnect’s comfort menu screen. This feature runs for 15 minutes before shutting off automatically; reactivation can be accomplished using another remote start procedure.

One common cause of remote start failure is failure to place your vehicle’s gear into park mode for safety purposes; you should switch your gear into park before trying to start it remotely.

Other issues that could prevent remote  start  functionality  include  faulty  hood sensors or switches, low key fob battery levels and errors with tachometer signals. A simple solution would be turning off and back on your car; this usually resets computer programs back to their default state – although changing batteries on key fobs is also an effective solution to restore signal strength quickly.

Jeep Compass Remote Start Not Working? Here's How to Fix It

Check the vehicle’s keyless entry system

When your key fob is activated, it sends a signal to your vehicle’s system telling it to start its engine. If this signal is blocked by something such as an obstruction, however, then starting may not happen and you may need to move closer or remove said obstruction for it to work correctly.

An obstruction in the signal, a defective key fob battery, dead or malfunctioning hood pin switch and incorrect programming could all prevent your Jeep Compass’s remote start from functioning as designed. You can take measures yourself to repair some issues yourself, while professional help may also be available for diagnosis and repairs.

If after taking these steps and your remote start still does not function, contact a certified technician for diagnosis and resolution of the issue. A technician should be able to offer solutions which will address it.

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