Why Is My Jeep Remote Start Not Working?

Remote start systems make it possible for you to start your vehicle remotely and keep it running until 15 minutes have elapsed, when its engine shuts off automatically.

If the system malfunctions, a message will be displayed on your instrument cluster screen indicating why. Once that occurs, you should inspect a few different areas in order to restore its operation:

Why Is My Jeep Remote Start Not Working?

Check the battery

Battery issues are the leading cause of remote start failure. Reprogramming may help, but isn’t always effective; for optimal results it is wiser to get your car checked by a professional mechanic.

Error code RFED_DOOR AJAR can indicate that one or more doors of your Jeep were left open, leading to an unsuccessful remote start attempt and the error message, “remote start aborted door ajar.” To remedy this situation, check and reseal each of the doors; additionally it would be wise to switch off your hazard lights prior to trying a remote start attempt.

It is also possible that your Jeep’s coolant temperature or oil pressure may be too high, preventing the remote starter from working properly. To fix this, wait for the vehicle to cool down before checking levels again; alternatively you could replace radiator and water pump components as necessary; additionally hood sensors/switches may also be defective and prevent it from functioning; in such an instance it would be wise to consult a specialist immediately.

Why Is My Jeep Remote Start Not Working?

Check the hood latch

The Jeep remote start system operates by sending a signal from either its key fob or smartphone app directly to its computer system, activating its engine and climate control systems for warming or cooling of the interior as needed. Furthermore, its remote start feature also enables drivers to remotely lock or unlock doors from afar.

If the hood of your Jeep is open when trying to remote start it, an error message will display on its dashboard as an added safety  measure  against  people  from accidentally starting its engine and becoming injured in an accident. This safeguard is in place as an extra safety measure against people accidentally turning on its engine without realizing.

This problem is typically caused by a defective hood latch actuator. To remedy it, disconnect the sensor connector for your hood latch actuator and move pins B (purple) and C (black) on one half of its connector back into engine compartment – this should cause your hood latch actuator to think that its lid is closed when in fact it is open; hopefully this should fix your issue – if not then replacement of its actuator may be required.

Why Is My Jeep Remote Start Not Working?

Check the hood pin switch

When your Jeep remote start does not function, a message such as “remote start disabled system fault” or “remote start disabled starter vehicle to reset” might appear on your dash board. These errors are typically due to dead batteries, door latch problems and fuse/relay issues; though most issues can be solved with help from an expert mechanic.

When this error arises, it’s a good idea to start by checking the key fob battery. If this runs low and doesn’t send signal for remote starting your car, replacing this battery might not do the trick; or it could be due to issues with your hood pin switch.

Hood pin switches communicate to your vehicle computer whether the hood is open or closed. If your switch becomes corroded, it could fail to signal to its computer that the hood has been secured; this would result in remote start failure; to resolve this, simply re-align the switch.

Why Is My Jeep Remote Start Not Working?

Check the transmission solenoid

Shift solenoids are crucial components for managing gear shifting in your transmission. If one malfunctions, you could notice your car stalling out or failing to shift properly – along with an alert from the transmission control module or code P0700 that indicates this problem has been detected by its system.

if your Jeep remote start doesn’t work, this could be due to any number of issues: dead key fob batteries, valet mode, improper programming, hood pin switch problems or active hazard lights may all play a part. In such a scenario, replace key fob batteries immediately; close and lock hood, and reprogram your Jeep remote start accordingly.

Jeep Grand Cherokee drivers can now utilize the Jeep Connect app on their phone to remotely start their vehicle and save both money on fuel costs and reach their destinations more comfortably and conveniently. In addition, this remote start feature enables drivers to adjust air conditioning settings as well as lock/unlock the doors.

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